Pipe Reroute

Trying to do your own pipe rerouting job for your home is no easy project. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional plumbing technician to ensure the job gets completed efficiently. However, if you are feeling bold, you can follow the steps below to reroute your leaky or broken bathroom pipes. Before taking on any plumbing project yourself, make sure to familiarize yourself with guidelines for plumbing safety.

  1. Design your new configuration so that the new drainpipes run parallel to the joints.
  2. If a permit is required for the rerouting of pipes in the bathroom, you will probably be required to allow adequate room on all sides of your major fixtures. Follow a standard code if local code is not available; it can be found online.
  3. Turn off water supply before you begin the actual reroute work.
  4. Cap and seal off all old water feeds. You can purchase special caps for PVC tubes at any home maintenance store.
  5. Install the new water feeds by bringing the hot and cold water directly up from below, between the studs.
  6. Tie them into the old system if you have copper feeds or run new PEX tubing if you have a compression port system.

Slope and Pressure Are Important for Pipe Reroutes

Pipes benefit the most when you allow them to have adequate slopes for the drains. However, avoid having too much of a slope for the toilet drain because it will mess with the water’s ability to flush out the solid waste. The rule of thumb is to keep the slope at a 1/4 inch for every 4 feet of drainpipe when you reroute new pipes. Different bathroom pipes have specific slope requirements listed below:

  • Sink drain: 2 inch drainpipe
  • Shower drain: 2 inch drainpipe
  • Toilet drain: 3-4 inch drainpipe


To pressure your new water feeds you need to cap off the ends of the hot and cold water tubing as well as the drains. Turn on the water to let the pipes refill with liquid. Leave the pipes full for a few hours before checking for leaks. When you are sure there are no leaks, you can place the fixtures and install the fittings.

Professional Plumbing Service for Bathroom Pipe Reroute

The smartest thing you can do is to hire a professional for the job, and before taking on a reroute, it is advisable to inquire whether a complete re-pipe job is a better long-term solution for leaks. There is a lot of knowledge and precision required to do a quality bathroom pipe reroute. Our Tuscaloosa AL technicians will arrive any time of the day to make sure you get the service and the expertise you need for a satisfactory completion of your bathroom pipe rerouting.