AO Smith Tankless

AO Smith Tankless

All models are Energy Star® qualified, provide the entire house with hot water or can be connected up to 20 other units for commercial needs. There are indoor and outdoor models available. If you live in area with a warmer ground water temperature you can add 1 more shower. A shower is the equivalent of any appliance demand.



# of series
70°F Min. Ground Water Temp.
2 Showers
3 Showers
4 Showers
4 Showers
4 Showers
5 Showers
Cooler than 70° Ground Water Temp.
1 Shower
2 Showers
2 Showers
3 Showers
3 Showers
4 Showers

AO Smith Solar Water Heaters

  • Cirrex® Solar Electric System There are 16 solar systems which can provide 70% of your water heating needs. The larger the tank and number of solar panels on your roof the larger the amount of energy that can be captured by the sun.
  • Cirrex® SUNX Indirect Solar Booster Tanks These 80 and 120 gallon tanks are used to supply and maintain hot water when solar energy is not available by using a closed loop.
  • Cirrex® SUN Direct Solar Booster Tanks 80 and 120 gallon tanks are part of an open loop system with the solar panels to provide hot water when there is no sunlight to provide energy to heat up the tanks.


The commercial range of AO Smith water heaters include water heaters, boilers, skid systems and storage tanks.The AO Smith water heaters are categorized as per the technology being used and therefore the different product lines include gas water heaters, electric water heaters, oil based water heaters and multi-fuel water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters

Cyclone® HE

Cyclone® Xi



Electric AO Smith Hot Water Heaters

The commercial electric water heater product line is extremely innovative featuring intelligent control system and 24k gold elements.

Heat Pump AWH

Gold Series DRE

Gold Series DVE

Heavy-Duty Custom Xi DSE


Oil and Multi-Fuel AO Smith Water Heaters

Conservationist® Large Volume COF and COBT Can provide up to 575 gallons of storage capacity for large commercial and industrial water needs. There are duel-fuel units that are supplied heat with natural gas and oil or propane and oil.

Conservationist® Small Volume COF Are more suited for medium sized commercial operations with an optional two-stage pump for use with below-grade oil storage tanks.